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DENARII. An ancient general term for any sort of pecunia numerata, or ready money. The French use the word denier in the same sense: payer de ses propres deniers.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Jon Edward Santillan, of Denarii Cash said the Dubai Smartpreneur Competition provided his startup with an opportunity to collaborate with other entrepreneur's in the UAE, network and building strong relationships which can be useful for mutual guidance and referrals.
It is the second hoard of denarii to be found in Warwickshire and this most recent discovery contains 78 coins dating back to AD 68-69.
Jon Santillan, Co-founder of Denarii.Cash, said that NEM availability in the Middle East is remarkable because they do have an active and growing community based of NEM enthusiast.
Uncomfortable, I'd wager - after all, he's old enough to have gone to school with Pythagoras and probably remembered he still owes him five denarii.
I found the definitions slightly uneven in terms of helpfulness: for instance, whilst one explains that 'coaming' is the edge of a cargo hatch (pretty superfluous to the action), both 'denarii' and 'sestercii' are used to measure money, with no explanation of the difference and no comparison with present day values.
However, they also looked to the future and the new Ptolemaic Empire that they were in the process of creating by utilising either familiar symbols in a new way, or entirely new symbols in a familiar way; one example of this is found in the series of silver denarii and tetradrachms issued after the Donations of Alexandria which bear Cleopatra and the legend REGINAE REGVM FILIORVM REGVM CLEOPATRAE on the obverse and Antonius and the legend ANTONI ARMENIA DEVICTA on the reverse.
However, this same servant took no pity on someone who owed him the tiny (by comparison) sum of 100 denarii (6,0 denarii equalled one talent).
A Roman pot containing 1,146 silver denarii coins was found by a metal detector in a field in Edge Hill in the county in 2008.
Well I couldnae mind and nae wonder, as it's Latin for librae, solidi, denarii.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-December 24, 2010-PhX Media Group partners with Denarii Systems on mobile commerce solutions(C)1994-2010 M2 COMMUNICATIONS
Mineral resource exploration and development company Denarii Resources Inc (OTCBB:DNRR) (Berlin:8D3) (Frankfurt:8D3) revealed on Monday the appointment of Dr.