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DENARII. An ancient general term for any sort of pecunia numerata, or ready money. The French use the word denier in the same sense: payer de ses propres deniers.

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The denarii, known as the South Warwickshire Roman Hoard, will go on display in the museum in Market Square, Warwick, from July 9 for the venue's 60th anniversary.
In Roman times, a pound of lavender flowers would cost about 100 denarii, which was about a month's wages for a farm laborer.
Unless you send me something, I will lose what I have given as a down payment, and will be embarrassed, so I ask you: send me some denarii as soon as possible," it says.
The author has published a similar book for ancient Rome entitled Ancient Rome on 5 Denarii a Day (reviewed below).
Although most of the exhibits are small and some comprise sets such as the hoard of denarii from Poland, they amount to some 2000 items (including a few helpful replicas) from more than 180 collections, from St Petersburg to Lisbon and New York and from Edinburgh to Tunis.
On the face of it, David is like the debtor owing 500 denarii (Luke 7:41).
Jesus made this same point in a parable about a servant who struggled to forgive his fellow servant a debt of 100 denarii (Matthew 18).
we could visit hundreds of mints located throughout the Roman Empire all hard at work minting denarii for Emperor Diocletian.
Judas Iscariot, observing this act of apparent extravagance, said: "Why wasn't this ointment sold for three hundred denarii, and the money given to the poor?
Saint Thomas comments: "Postquam iam facti sunt denarii ex praedicta commutatione quae est ex necessitate facta propter res necessarias ex remotis locis habendas, subintroducta est species commutationis pecuniariae secundum quam denarii pro denariis commutantur: et haec vocatur campsoria, qua scilicet utuntur campsores denariorum.
Joint clerk of the course William Wales won the members' for the fourth time in succession, following Rough Edge, Regal Bay and Tom De Savoie with the maiden Hagon Beck, and Lucy Cowan, 26, won on her first ride when Denarii took the older horse maiden.
Like the Frankish money, the denarii were minted to the same pattern and size as the gold [2] triens which they effectively replaced.