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n. a statement in the defendant's answer to a complaint in a lawsuit that an allegation (claim of fact) is not true. If a defendant denies all allegations it is called a general denial. In answering the defendant is limited to admitting, denying, or denying on the basis he/she/it has no information to affirm or deny. The defendant may also state affirmative defenses. (See: answer, admission, affirmative defense)

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DENIAL, pleading. To traverse the statement of the opposite party a defence. See Defence; Traverse.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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When someone identifies the obvious, Trump resounds the beat of denial as he did before he was president: "I'm the least racist person that you've ever met," that "you've ever seen," that "you've ever encountered." These are ugly denials.
Revenue cycle staff needs to share data and provide insight into where the opportunities are to prevent errors, streamline processes, and determine where to focus denial prevention and management efforts.
If the network state tends to death fast when compared to common death time of sensor network, then the network is affected by denial of sleep attack.
While on an official trip to Armenia last November, Omirou appears to have promised his Armenian counterpart that Cyprus would criminalise the denial of the Armenian genocide, as other countries -- Switzerland, Slovakia, Greece -- have done.
The importance of Ortega having discovered the free will-belief / climate change denial relationship to A Happier World's mission can be illustrated by way of a Jewish mythical story.
A daily review of the insurer's logs can also prove pivotal in avoiding a denial or in expediting a discharge if the patient is meeting discharge parameters.
The next thing to evaluate is WHAT can be done to overcome the denial.
One that comes to mind was a homeowners claim denial where the claim file included a note from an adjuster to his supervisor that he was able to "low ball" (his words) an insured into accepting half of what the claim payment should have been.
The researchers found that 15.7 percent of commercially insured adult emergency department visits were denial diagnosis visits.
In that report, Stanton assigned denial as the eighth stage of genocide, and recommended the proper punishment for genocide denial to be criminal prosecution.