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IntruGuard's IG200, IG2000, and IG2200 DDoS Firewall security appliances will defeat any intruder attempting to mount a Denial of Service attack on servers, subnets or networks.
We use the IG200 to block denial of service network floods targeting an individual customer where such an attack affects all customers.
Enabled by Mistletoe RDX(TM) technology, freedom9's freeGuard family of VPN/Firewall appliances addresses these issues by providing hardware-based security that offers true multi-Gigabit firewall and VPN performance, and protection against attacks such as Distributed Denial of Service.
Broadweb's Zone Defender products are built to address the need to secure higher bandwidth traffic by introducing appliances combining Enterprise security features with multi-Gigabit throughput, high performance encryption, and Denial of Service prevention.
The event marks Secure64's first-ever public demonstration of SourceT - a software technology that makes mission-critical enterprise applications immune to compromise from the growing threats of rootkits and malware, and resistant to denial of service attacks.
Asterisk has already released a patch to address the denial of service vulnerability.