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Malicious' Denial of Service Attacks and Hacking Attempts Waged Against a
SCO Group Inc's web site was finally up and running again on Monday, more than a week after it first suffered what is claimed to be a denial of service attack related to its legal claims against the Linux operating system.
Respondents displayed the prowess of a new form of denial of service attacks, called distributed denial of service attacks (DDOS).
Avalanche DDoS Attack Module Helps Test for Distributed Denial of Service Attacks
Sharp further secures the MFP with a network interface card (NIC) that creates a virtual firewall, restricting unauthorized users from accessing the device's internal data or launching denial of service attacks.
Using patented ASIC-based algorithms, IntruGuard analyzes traffic rates to detect and prevent Zero-Day Denial of Service attacks.
The Code Red worm takes advantage of a buffer overrun vulnerability, discovered last month, allowing the attacker to gain control over an affected server and deface websites, orchestrate denial of service attacks, reformat hard drives or perform other illegal acts.
IntruGuard's appliances, dedicated to automatically blocking denial of service attacks in seconds, are now available for integration and delivery in a managed security services solution.