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Detecting Distributed Denial of Service Attack Based on Address Correlation Value.
In a Layer 7 Denial of service attack, a single attacker could take almost any single website down at will.
This means the cryptographic process is somewhat more vulnerable to Denial of Service attacks than schemes that identify sources based upon the readily available IP address or host-name.
"It's anyone's guess why this virus writer is targeting these websites with a denial of service attack. Maybe he or she has a grudge against them," said Sophos.
"There are thousands of sites on the net that have point and click tools to teach you how to launch a denial of service attack. The level of sophistication required to launch these is minimal," he said.
Denial of service attacks are generally focused efforts launched against an individual or organization.
These awards will mainly focus on three areas: Measurement and Analysis to Promote Best Current Practices, which aims to slow the growth rate in denial of service attacks and to make existing attacks more difficult by promoting the deployment of existing best practices.
Prolexic recommends that the information gleaned from real- time data analytics is the best foundation for a DDoS mitigation strategy that supports root-cause analysis of how a denial of service attack could affect an Internet- facing network.
The denial of service attack flooded the bank's website with junk data traffic to prevent access to it.
In a denial of service attack, hackers command scores of computers to a single site at the same time, preventing legitimate traffic from getting through.
Those threats include the hacking of the port that can take a device down, existing services that allow unauthorized access (such as telnet, ftp, http and others), hidden services that create a back door around a secure IP configuration, OS imperfections, IP port connection hijacking that causes a denial of service attack, and more.
SCO Group Inc's web site was finally up and running again on Monday, more than a week after it first suffered what is claimed to be a denial of service attack related to its legal claims against the Linux operating system.