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DENIZEN, English law. An alien born, who has obtained, ex donatione legis, letters patent to make him au English subject.
     2. He is intermediate between a natural born subject and an alien. He may. take lands by purchase or devise, which an alien cannot, but he is incapable of taking by inheritance. 1 Bl. Com. 374. In the United States there is no such civil condition.

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"actual ways models of denizenship can be used to accommodate a
liminal animals in the category of denizenship, it is a slippery,
I will adopt the label 'denizenship' to describe this membership status of resident 'aliens.' See also at 152, 174.
(219) A second-best solution--now a reality for long-term TCN residents--talks of "denizenship," whereby TCN residency and free movement rights would be harmonized across the European Union.