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She also warned those who hoard the lower denominations for the purpose of profiteering from their resale to have a rethink, adding that such people risk prosecution when caught.
Ejaz Ali Shah, Managing Director, PMEX said, "It is the endeavour of the Exchange to offer futures contracts of different commodities in multiple denominations for trading that not only adds depth to the market for the existing investors, but also attracts larger investors seeking trading, investing and hedging opportunities to diversify their portfolio.
The 2001-2017 aggregate provides large enough samples for individual analysis of the major Protestant denominations.
In addition, the new banknotes have been designed to assist the visually impaired to distinguish between the various denominations.
It should be mentioned here that Indian government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced to put a ban on currency notes of one thousand and five hundred denominations.
The commercial and microfinance banks would accept the old design banknotes and exchange the same with the new design banknotes and coins of all denominations up to November 30, 2016.
The tactile feature on the AED 20 denomination consists of three separate horizontal lines, and on the AED 10 denomination two separate horizontal lines.
Central bank spokesperson, Esi Hammond, said, 'We do not intend to issue and we have not issued any new denominations.
Ordained by the denomination in May 2011, "Erwin is the ELCA's first synod bishop who is gay and in a partnered relationship with Rob Flynn, a member of the ELCA," the ELCA announced.
I would add further questions: Do irreconcilable theological differences no longer matter, especially if denominations can attain to what Hietamaki calls "consensus with difference"?
Religious denominations and agencies will be in constant competition to acquire government funding in order to achieve their specific interests.
launched a new denomination in January, saying that the Presbyterian Church (USA) is too consumed by internal conflicts and bureaucracy to nurture healthy congregations.