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It involves semantic change in which the denotative meaning of a word becomes narrowed, less general or less inclusive over time.
For example the denotative meaning of the word "dog" in English and "[?
To hear green would mean attending to sounds that spiral away from denotative meaning toward wordless sensation" (166).
He said that a few early poems were "pure poetry" with no denotative meaning.
The rejecters of tolerance clearly use the term tolerance in the most narrow, denotative meaning.
However, fuzzy meaning is part of a lexical item's denotative meaning, which is different from inferential meaning because the latter is unlikely a part of the original meaning of the utterance given.
This estrangement came partly from my youthful selfishness, but it was tempered with something deeper and more telling: my inability to accept the denotative meaning of certain ideas as intellectually exhaustive.
Winters reminds us that language carries weight beyond its literal, denotative meaning, each word containing an affective charge produced by the connotative penumbra surrounding it.
She is the incarnation of an idea; she is the carrier of a cultural myth, of a traditional Italy, a signifier emptied of its original denotative meaning and filled with the illusionary presence of the mother, a figure purposefully greater than all of the female characters put together.
As indicated above, the two most frequently used Chinese characters equivalent to the denotative meaning of the word 'face' are mianzi and lian.
The original denotative meaning of IMF as a monetary organization lost its meaning to other myths that were created through metonymies.