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Aiding; ancillary; subordinate; subsidiary.

Auxiliary or ancillary administration is the management and settlement of property belonging to a decedent that is not located where he or she was domiciled. It is subordinate to the principal or domiciliary administration of the decedent's property that occurs in the state where the individual was domiciled. Auxiliary administration ensures that any local creditors will be paid before the out-of-state property will be transferred for distribution under domiciliary administration.



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CTDAA remains hopeful that legislative initiatives introduced in the coming session will be productive in our attempt to define dental assistants in Connecticut and provide a viable workforce substitution model through Expanded Functions Dental Auxiliary to foster Connecticut's access to oral healthcare needs.
The new law also creates an expanded function dental auxiliary authorized to provide various supportive restorative services including a traumatic restorative technique.
The Expanded Functions Dental Auxiliary has to be part of any successful access to oral care initiative.
A joint proposal by the New Mexico Dental Hygienists' Association and the New Mexico Dental Association, the bill expands dental hygiene services and creates an expanded function dental auxiliary authorized to provide various supportive restorative services including atraumatic restorative technique.
A joint proposal from the New Mexico Dental Hygienists'Association (NMDHA) and the New Mexico Dental Association (NMDA)--House Bill 187--would expand the dental hygiene scope of practice and create two new categories of provider: an "expanded function dental auxiliary" (EFDA) and a "community dental health coordinator" (CDHC).
All dental auxiliary personnel received a thank-you note from the Clinic Commander at the beginning of DARW, and midweek, a barbecue luncheon was served by the doctors.
A second (Senate Bill 302) would allow a dental hygienist or dental assistant to qualify as an expanded function dental auxiliary (EFDA) for restorative services.
Jeffrey Wood, DDS, is Professor & Chair, Department of Pediatric Dentistry and Director Dental Auxiliary Utilization.
The United States Public Health Service funded a large study of Expanded Function Dental Auxiliaries (EFDAs) in the 1960s with programs at the University of Alabama, Indian Health Service, University of the Pacific, University of North Carolina and Louisville Kentucky, which was also home to the study of Dental Auxiliary Utilization (DAU).