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6%) of children aged 12 were found to be free of visible dental decay.
11) A decrease in saliva increases risk of infection, dental decay and periodontal disease.
Dental decay often starts with a dull ache that toddlers cannot distinguish from teething.
A significant number of school children are affected by dental decay, with disease levels being highest in deprived areas, and Committee Members found that a more consistent message needed to be provided about the importance of getting fluoride onto children's teeth as part of their daily tooth-care regime.
Finally, recognizing that preventive care is the key to eliminating childhood dental decay, the caucus created BEST Oral Health.
Around 40% of children in the North-East have dental decay, compared with around 30% in the South-East.
Why did Jim discover new dental decay during a dental examination when months prior he had replaced his cravings for soda with tea?
Of 3,700 children surveyed in the Los Angeles Unified School District, Fielding said, more than 60 percent had dental decay by the time they got to kindergarten, compared with 50 percent statewide.
Numerous studies of various populations have shown that adding fluoride to drinking water prevents dental decay.
However, the most recent figures for the West Midlands revealed that by 2001 the region had already nearly hit the target with 68 per cent of youngsters in that age category without dental decay.
and both are directly linked to dental decay, particularly in children and adolescents," according to the group.
Even worse, those neighbours in Ramsay Street will be hit by a terrifying outbreak of dental decay, ruining their perfect smiles.