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2] photocatalytic thin films on glass slide and commercial dental mirror substrate surfaces using a hydrolysis of titanium alkoxide, and to examine the hydrophilicity, the degree of oxidizing power, and the transparency of the anatase [TiO.
The padding of dental mirror handles will produce no significant differences in muscle activity when applying simulated dental hygiene procedures.
Six examiners were calibrated to perform dental examination utilizing a modified WHO oral health assessment form with disposable dental mirrors in natural day light.
The patients were examined clinically under artificial light, using a sterile dental mirror and recorded the patterns of partial edentulism according to Kennedy's classification after consent.
Three trained dental surgeons performed oral examination using disposable examination sets comprising of dental mirror probe and tweezer.
Clinical examination was performed under natural light with a dental mirror and dental probe.
Patients were diagnosed using an examination kit containing dental mirror explorer tweezers facial mask and sterile gloves.
Oral examination was carried out for each patient by the same examiner using a dental mirror explorer and periodontal probe.
T12 reported that dentists who usually use the dental mirror in positions where a direct view is difficult had significantly less pain and discomfort.
Using an explorer and dental mirror and clear illumination, mouth was examined thoroughly and carious teeth were recorded.
The clinical oral examination of the study participants was done using dental probes and dental mirrors.
Dental caries were checked by using probes, dental mirrors and proper light.