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The third form of ethical reasoning--a deontological ethics of algorithms--feels like a counterintuitive proposition.
With deontological ethics, Kant has succeeded in showing that only motives or intentions define moral acts and that these motives or intentions answer to the clarion call of certain imperatives that are categorical and not hypothetical (cf Pojman, 2002: 136).
Prudence operates distinct from and in tension with the deontological ethics previously deployed by pro-life groups.
Contrariwise, it is a critique of the version of deontological ethics espoused by principlism.
Rather than say, then, that virtue ethics focuses on being, and that character and deontological ethics focus on action or doing, we prefer to say that virtue ethics gives precedence to virtue, character, and being over action and doing.
Besides bases and modes of response characteristic of virtue ethics and consequentialism, the Dalai Lama's ethics also contains bases and modes typical of deontological ethics.
In deontological ethics, actions that adhere to an ethical code are right actions.
5) In this way, "efficient breach" (perhaps relabeled "efficient performance" or "efficient cancellation option" in the interest of more favorable marketing (6)) can easily be squared with deontological ethics.
Unlike 40 or 50 years ago, virtue ethics now competes with utilitarian and deontological ethics for adherents.