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DEPARTMENT. A portion of a country. In France, the country is divided into departments, which are somewhat similar to the counties in this country. The United States have been divided into military departments, including certain portions of the country. 1 Pet. 293.
     2. By department is also meant the division of authority, as, the department of state, of the navy, &c.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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MIRPURKHAS -- HundAreds of lady health workers (LHWs) of the district held a demonstration by blocking the main Hyderabad-MirApurAkhas road and ring road to protest against failure of the district health departAment to pay their five-month salaries.
The US Treasury DepartAment said that the two fund collectors raised funds for distribution in Syria and worked with others to 'transport funds to PakisAtan on behalf of LeT'.
One scheme each was approved for the Energy DepartAment, Health DepartAment, InforAmation, Science and Technology, Public Health EngiAAneering DepartAment, Planning and DevelopAment Department, and SerAvices General AdmiAnistration and Coordination Department.
LAHORE -- There could be three to four fresh spells of rain and snowfall in the country this month (March), according to the Pakistan Meteorological DepartAment's forecast, but they are unlikely to enhance the amount of water available in major reservoirs, thus aggravating the current water stress.

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