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DEPARTMENT. A portion of a country. In France, the country is divided into departments, which are somewhat similar to the counties in this country. The United States have been divided into military departments, including certain portions of the country. 1 Pet. 293.
     2. By department is also meant the division of authority, as, the department of state, of the navy, &c.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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(and they had better have had wrongs at first, than have taken that bitter English recipe for certainly getting them), who in slow lapse of time and agony had passed safely through other public departments; who, according to rule, had been bullied in this, over-reached by that, and evaded by the other; got referred at last to the Circumlocution Office, and never reappeared in the light of day.
Musharaf Khan (PPS BS-19 ACB) Chief of Section (RD) P and D Department has been posted as Chief Planning Officer E and SE Department, Abdul Haleem (PPS BS 19 ACB) Director (Planning) Peshawar High Court Peshawar has been transferred and posted as Chief of Section (RD) P and D Department.
The Service of Qaiser Alam (PPS BS-19 ACB) Chief of Section Economic Analysis (EA) P and D Department has been placed at the disposal of Home and Tribal Affairs for further posting as Deputy Project Director PMU for Safe City Project Peshawar on deputation basis.
Also, Mohammad Asghar Khan has been appointed as section officer food department, Shad Mohammad as section officer law department, Ziaur Rehman as section officer higher education, Lutfur Rehman as section officer Auqaf department, Ghulam Ghous as assistant director PDMA, Gul Nawaz as section officer health department, Azaz Ahmad as section officer chief minister secretariat and Sher Baz Khan has been appointed as section officer at IPC department.
Mike Sueno - Department of Interior and Local Government secretary
Delfin Lorenzana - Department of National Defense secretary
Palmer, $3,485.38 in overpaid Employment Security Department benefits.
Brandon Westhoff, $2,086.58 in overpaid Employment Security Department benefits.
Thompson dba E A Thompson Co./ Northwest Plumbing, $622,740.12 in unpaid Department of Revenue taxes.
Zaddack dba J&M Services/Mathers Mow, $375.26 in unpaid Department of Labor and Industries taxes.

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