Director of Public Prosecutions

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Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP)

an officer who works under the Attorney General and who is responsible for the prosecution of all serious crime. Sometimes only the consent of the DPP is required. The office is particularly important as it heads up the CROWN PROSECUTION SERVICE, which prosecutes most crimes in England.
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It was based on Edgar Wallace's stories and Goddard was Sir Jason Toovey, head of the Department of Public Prosecutions.
A police officer in the case was suspended and the Department of Public Prosecutions launched their own inquiry.
Mr Maxwell from the Department of Public Prosecutions explained that the accused had been out on continuing bail in relation to the previous charges which were put to him on August 23.
The Department of Public Prosecutions, registering the paucity of substantive evidence that Ross had indulged in 'gross indecency', decided not to pursue the matter.
Afeniforo ordered that the accused be remanded in prison and the case file is sent to the office of the Department of Public Prosecutions (DPP) for advice.
"As a result of this testimony, the police advised the Department of Public Prosecutions to drop the charges against him." Theekoy was arrested alongside Treebhoowoon and Mooneea on January 11, the day after the murder at the luxurious Legends hotel in Mauritius.

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