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DEPARTMENT OF THE NAVY, government. The Act of April 80, 1798, 1 Story's Laws, 498, establishes an executive department, under the denomination of the department of the navy, the chief officer of which shall be called the secretary of the navy. (q.v.)
     2. A principal clerk, and such other clerks as he shall think necessary, shall be appointed by the secretary of the navy, who shall be employed in such manner as he shall deem most expedient. In case of vacancy in the office of the secretary, by removal or otherwise, it shall be the duty of the principal clerk to take charge and custody of all books, records, and documents of said office. Id. s. 2

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To view the Navy's Department of the Navy Diversity and Inclusion Policy statement and Secretary of the Navy Mabus' video, please visit: http://navylive.
Services are offered as a benefit from the Department of the Navy to you and your family members.
However, Department of the Navy oversight and decision-making authorities also did not validate the programs' assessments and assertions.
The Naval Audit Service's annual audit plan is reviewed by the OPB, which is made up mostly of leaders we audit (the ASNs, vice chief of naval operations, assistant commandant of the Marine Corps, Department of the Navy chief information officer, and general counsel), and is chaired by the under secretary of the Navy.
It really underscores on a national level the importance of a small group of people doing something that will affect the entire Department of the Navy.
EDS and the Department of the Navy (DoN) recently activated the Navy Marine Corps Intranet (NMCI) Oahu Network Operations Center (NOC) in Pearl Harbor.
The second, "Keep our international programs personnel and processes in the mainstream of TEAM, Department of the Navy, and Department of Defense activity," expands our real-time scope, looking to the many changes taking place on a national level, and forcing us to define our role within them.
The Secretary of the Navy is continuing focus on innovation within the Department of the Navy, and likewise, CHIPS continues to explore the many facets of innovation in the July-September edition as well.
While the Department of the Navy intern program has always been among the best, we are working closely with the Office of Personnel Management and Department of the Navy Human Resources communities to use all available human resource flexibilities available to us to create a state-of-the-art intern program.
By Kim Plyler, Department of the Navy Chief Information Officer Public Affairs WASHINGTON (NNS)--Chief of Naval Operations ADM Vern Clark recently replaced his green military identification card with the new improved Geneva Convention Common Access Card (CAC).

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