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DEPARTMENT OF WAR, government. The act of August 7, 1789, 1 Story's Laws, 31, creates an executive department, to be denominated the department of war; and there shall be a principal officer therein, to be called the secretary for the department of war. (q.v.).
     2. There shall be in the said department, an inferior officer, to be appointed by the secretary, to be employed therein, and to be called the chief clerk in the department of war, and who, whenever the said principal officer shall be removed by the president, or in any other case of vacancy, shall, during such vacancy, have the charge and custody of all records, books, and papers, appertaining to the said department. Id.

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the Department of War had managing its real property, it requested
British naval historian Professor Andrew Lambert, from the department of war studies at King's College London, said Spurr had a "great collection" of photographs but questioned whether they showed the final moments of the sinking German ship.
Department of War, "Annual Report of the Chief of Engineers, United States Army, to the Secretary of War for the Year 1883," 1883.
In 1947, top United States military brass decided, for PR reasons, that the Department of War needed a new name, the United Nations Charter having outlawed wars of aggression, wars not fought in defense.
At least not according to Thomas Rid, a researcher in the Department of War Studies at King's College London.
Rubbish, says Thomas Rid, a reader in the Department of War Studies at King's College London.
In 1948, with our agreeing to the terms of these accords, our Department of War was converted to a reconfigured Department of Defense and its focus changed.
All of the major military bureaucracies, including the Army, Navy, Department of War, AAF, Department of State, and Civil Aeronautics Board, were involved in strategy formulation and the conflict over resources.
Too bad we don't still call it the Department of War, which would be far more honest.
Mats Berdal is Professor of Security and Development in the Department of War Studies at King's College, London.
Professor James Gow teaches international peace and security in the Department of War Studies at King's College London.
For within a few months, President John Adams did just that--created the Department of the Navy, separate from the Department of War, and purchased several dockyards.

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