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Proceedings of the ICSE 2002 Workshop on Architecting Dependable Systems (Orlando, Florida, USA).
Mining projects are often located in remote areas with harsh operational environments and call for exceptionally robust and dependable systems with very little routine maintenance requirements.
Sponsored by a committee of the IEEE Computer Society, the June 2007 meeting in Edinburgh, UK was the 37th, closing in on the big 4-0 for this annual gathering (and it seems like discussions of dependable systems and networks were born just yesterday).
The sessions will address today's hottest design topics, including multicore processors, 28nm FPGA, the Android platform, smart energy technologies, dependable systems, formal verification, real-time design and testing strategies and tools for complex embedded systems.
About 135 papers from a May 2007 conference describe recent work in theoretical and practical aspects of network systems, distributed systems, multimedia systems, Internet and Web technologies, mobile computing, intelligent computing, pervasive/ubiquitous networks, dependable systems, semantic service, Grid, P2P, and scalable computing.
1 Introduces Advanced Support for Ultra-Large-Scale Systems, Dependable Systems and Resource-Constrained Systems
His research specialties focus on Mobile Computing and Wireless Networking, Dependable Systems and Networks and Parallel and Distributed Systems.
James Alves-Foss, director of the Center for Secure and Dependable Systems at the University of Idaho.
International Workshop on Object-Oriented Real-Time Dependable Systems (10th: 2005: Sedona, Arizona)

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