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DEPENDENCY. A territory distinct from the country in which the supreme sovereign, power resides, but belonging rightfully to it, and subject to the laws and regulations which the sovereign may think proper to prescribe. It differs from a colony, because it is not settled by the citizens of the sovereign or mother state; and from possession, because it is held by other title than that of mere conquest: for example, Malta was considered a dependency of Great Britain in the year 1813. 3 Wash. C. C. R. 286. Vide act of congress, March 1, 1809, commonly called the non-importation law.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Traditional media dependency among the Chinese college students in view of the Internet rise;
Generally, under the proposed regulations, where the custodial parent has already filed a return claiming the dependency exemption and/or child tax credit, the noncustodial parent must attach the executed form or declaration to an original timely filed (including extensions) return for the same tax year.
I can click on a case and see if they have another case in the state or have had one, or if the mother in the case is also in the dependency system."
Cagayan has the highest dependency, after ARMM which registered farmers' poverty rate at 46 percent.
The smartphone dependency phenomenon also prevails among working adults in some developing countries with a low smartphone penetration rate.
The states are listed below and include information about their overall dependency rank (the No.
Saying that the Budget and Planning Organization has drafted the budget within resistive economy policies stipulated by the Supreme Leader, he added that despite of removal of sanctions and oil export increase included in the next year's budget draft, dependency on oil revenues has decreased to 25 percent.
* Dependency on Income (Personal and Corporate) Taxes: 45
Rice and Hagen (2010) argue that young people use mobile communication to keep perpetual contact with social networks, thereby causing their mobile dependency. As smartphones with identifiable operating systems enable advanced capabilities and extend functionalities with third party applications (Theoharidou, Mylonas, & Gritzalis, 2012), their adoption is increasing worldwide (Danova, 2015).
Like innocent spouse claims, disputes about which parent gets to deduct the dependency exemption for a qualifying child flows over from the family court into the Tax Court.
The present study explores the cultural meaning of the phenomenon dependency in children's personality as a consequence of parental attitude in Pakistani cultural context.