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DEPOPULATION. In its most proper signification, is the destruction of the people of a country or place. This word is, however, taken rather in a passive than an active one; we say depopulation, to designate a diminution of inhabitants, arising either from violent causes, or the want of multiplication. Vide 12 Co. 30.

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Louisiana has added 18 new carrier groups since 2005, 12 of which have been utilized by Citizens' depopulation program.
According to Turner, an avid proponent of global depopulation, "people who abhor the China one-child policy are dumb-dumbs.
The other companies taking part in the latest round of the depopulation program are Access Home Insurance Co.
Compare this to a decade ago and mass unemployment and depopulation under the Tories.
There must be action to prevent our rural communities suffering from this vicious circle of the loss of services and depopulation.
We should make every attempt to protect the nation's livestock industry against FMD and an alternative to depopulation should be a top priority.
The countries from which our immigrants traditionally came are also experiencing depopulation.
MSPs yesterday called for help to get young people in rural areas driving licences, insurance and even cars to stop the depopulation of the countryside.
In most developed countries, the historical trends of rural-to-urban migration and the resulting depopulation of rural areas, have largely been replaced by counter-urbanisation and rural repopulation policies," he said.
As both Zola and Maupassant were well-aware, the "woman question"--the status of roles of women in society--was being heatedly debated in the context of a wide variety of social issues including depopulation, divorce, and child abandonment.
This new depopulation plan is separate from an announcement made by Insurance Commissioner Kevin McCarty the same day Citizens' Depopulation Committee met to go over its latest depopulation idea.
Depopulation and the decline of economic activity can be traced back to the Beeching cuts.