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To make a deposition; to give evidence in the shape of a deposition; to make statements that are written down and sworn to; to give testimony that is reduced to writing by a duly qualified officer and sworn to by the deponent.

To deprive an individual of a public employment or office against his or her will. The term is usually applied to the deprivation of all authority of a sovereign.

In ancient usage, to testify as a witness; to give evidence under oath.

West's Encyclopedia of American Law, edition 2. Copyright 2008 The Gale Group, Inc. All rights reserved.


v. 1) to ask questions of a witness or a party to a lawsuit at a deposition (testimony outside of the courtroom before trial). 2) to testify at a deposition. (See: deponent, deposition)

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TO DEPOSE, practice. To make a deposition; to give testimony as a witness.

TO DEPOSE, rights. The act of depriving an individual of a public employment or office, against his will. Wolff, Sec. 1063. The term is usually applied to the deprivation of all authority of a sovereign.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Pour obtenir une autorisation speciale, les associations doivent deposer une demande aupres du ministere de la Justice.
"Having sold Axel Foley and now Deposer we are into a profit and there are five horses still here.
En consequence, si les forces de l'ordre etaient bien presentes sur les lieux de la manifestation, force est de reconnaitre, toutefois, que leur role s'etait limite a encadrer les marcheurs et a ne permettre l'acces aux locaux de la Cour Constitutionnelle qu'aux seuls membres de la delegation representant les differents partis d'opposition venus deposer au Secretariat-greffe de ladite juridiction une requete demandant la destitution du President Hery Rajaonarimampianina.
Elle est [beaucoup moins que] prete a deposer ses instruments de ratification [beaucoup plus grand que] dans le cadre d'un depot coordonne au sein de l'Union europeenne.
Dans un communique, la societe a indique qu'elle prend, egalement, a sa charge le manque a gagner des taxistes tout au long de la periode de la reparation, appelant ceux ayant subi cette panne a deposer leurs dossiers pour beneficier de la reparation.
"Ils avaient l'intention de deposer une bombe dans l'une des tentes", a declare un porte-parole de la police.
The least fancied of the stable's two runners, and rejected by Sheikh Hamdan's retained jockey Richard Hills in favour of favourite Infiraad, who finished last, Ouqba looked an unlikely winner at halfway, but he responded gamely to Tadhg O'Shea's driving to pick off long-time leader Deposer close home.
Il s'agit, note le document, d'un outil qui permettra a tous les citoyens residant en Algerie e deposer des demandes de rectification via Internet.