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After all, stopping down the aperture increases the amount of depth of field and a tripod will also keep the camera still and free of movement and vibrations during long exposures.
As to the picture, I wish I could claim to be a pro photographer, but the truth is I just followed some very good advice I was given years ago by someone who was definitely a pro--for excellent shots that are in focus and have great depth of field, there's only one rule: "f/16 and be there.
The Extended Depth of Field (EDF) upgrade, currently in Beta testing at seven customer sites, has demonstrated up to a 10 fold increase depth of field allowing cellular structures to be imaged in crisp focus at positions well beyond the limitations of conventional imaging techniques.
But as professional photographers know, the wider the aperture, the less the depth of field.
This multifocus technique, applied to the photography of small minerals in the millimeter range, can multiply the depth of field by a factor of ten or more and increase resolution substantially, resulting in a photo quality formerly unachievable.
Operating a lens at a high f/stop restricts light rays to the central area of the lens and improves depth of field although the image may be very dim.
Telecentric optics provide sufficient depth of field to enable single-focus measurement of cylinder forms and other solids with difficult.
When dealing with substrates of varying thicknesses, choose a lens that allows the depth of field to increase.
The depth of field, and sometimes lack thereof, in the photographs reflects the disposition of the era.
The effect of the SEMs finite depth of field was modeled by varying the convergence angle of the incident electron beam.
Looking through a small pinhole increases the eye's depth of field and sharpens the vision.
We positioned the laser with a helium/neon circular aiming beam, which allowed us to focus at a precise depth of field.