Resident Magistrate

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Resident Magistrate (RM)

in Northern Ireland, a full-time legally qualified judge who sits in the magistrates' courts trying less serious criminal cases without a jury and conducting committal proceedings in more serious cases. They also have limited jurisdiction in civil matters. The office was created in Ireland in the 19th century when it was considered that in some areas lay justices could not be relied on.
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Additional Deputy Magistrate (ADM) Haldwani, Vivek Rai, said on Friday "The Kalsiya Nallah comes from the mountainous area, its catchment area received heavy rainfall and there was also some silting in the Nallah due to which there was some portion of land which got washed away in the rising water leading to damages in around 8 houses."
Penghu County Magistrate Lai Feng-wei) and Deputy Magistrate Hsu Chih-fu were among several government officials that attended the opening ceremony.
The domestic helper, known only as 39-year-old Ivy B.R., was sentenced to four months in prison by Eastern Deputy Magistrate Selma Masood, as per Hong Kong News on March 7.
The raiding team comprising the law enforcement agencies including local police, led by the Deputy Magistrate: Tehsildar Mohammad Rafique Mughal conducted checking of the sites of business spots and residences of unlawful foreigners.
The family moved to Edgbaston in 1947, when Mr Howarth served as a deputy magistrate before being made full magistrate clerk.
At least 10,000 people were trapped in three coastal townships, Pingtung deputy magistrate Chung Chia-pin said, and officials said tens of thousands of other people were also trapped in the counties of Tainan and Chiayi.
Juan Ramallo Massanetwas a Deputy Magistrate at the Higher Court of Justice of the Balearic Islands between 1979 and 1981.
In returning his guilty verdict deputy magistrate Robinson said: "The hand writing expert was quite believable.
Nantou County Deputy Magistrate Lai Ying-fang will stand in for Pang.
Chatterjee graduated from the University of Calcutta and served as a deputy magistrate in the Indian civil service for many years.
was added a murmuring or whispering among the Indians which only they understood, since it was in their language, and also because everyone talked at the same time."(40) In the uprising at Chicontepec in 1811, the teniente de justicia (deputy magistrate) noted that the crowd of Indians which came to arrest him in his house spoke exclusively their "Mexican language," and at one point began chanting "Grab him, grab him" ("Cojanlo, cojanlo").(41) During one phase of the 1810 Amecameca uprising, a crowd of local Indians were heard to chant "War, war with the gachupines" ("Guerra, guerra con los gachupines").(42)

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