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DESCENDER. In the descent; as formed on in the descender. Bac. Ab. Formedon, A 1. Vide Formedon.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The Rollgliss[R] R520 is a state of the art, easy-to-use fully automatic controlled descent device with a dual braking system that offers a higher degree of safety when using the descender. Unlike friction based descenders, it provides controlled descent self-rescue regardless of the user's weight for the evacuation of multiple personnel, or the versatility of assisted rescue.
They are also charged with failing to ensure that people using the descender had adequate health and safety information, and adequate training.
Finally, I found eight primary shapes for the descender: straight, left curl, left hook, left lean, right curl, right hook, right lean, and none.
They will then be connected to a "descender machine" and guided by wires to stay on course during the 108-storey descent.
The Euskaltel-Euskadi rider, whose Tour de France hopes were wrekced early on in a crash that left him with a broken should and hand, may find the route to his liking and this fearless descender could be advantaged by a series of tricky, wet downhill sections.
This is evident in their overhaul of the NoWorries[TM] Double stop Descender, the OzPod[TM] Rescue Frame and the introduction of the new lightweight and robust ExPlorer[TM] Chest Ascender.
The height is measured from top of letter to bottom of descender. This text is printed in 9 pt Century.)