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DESCENDER. In the descent; as formed on in the descender. Bac. Ab. Formedon, A 1. Vide Formedon.

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Los monos son demasiado buenos para que el hombre pueda descender de ellos.
Their favorite part is the 'monkey drop,' the last three meters where guests cling tight on the descender, a gear that controls the velocity of the drop.
Todo pasajero debe descender, Teatro UC / Autor: Alejandro Sieveking / Direccion: Alejandro Goic / Elenco: Belgica Castro, Alejandro Sieveking, Aiine Kuppenheirn / Diseno Integral: Andrea Goic / Produccion: Marcello Martinez / Direccion: Jorge Washington 26, Nunoa, telefono 2055652
The Euskaltel-Euskadi rider, whose Tour de France hopes were wrekced early on in a crash that left him with a broken should and hand, may find the route to his liking and this fearless descender could be advantaged by a series of tricky, wet downhill sections.
Also in the England squad is three-times winner Ian Holmes, who, although in the veteran category, is still a fearsome descender.
15) He labeled these the Flat paraph, the Wavy Top paraph, the Upcurl paraph, and the Long Descender paraph, each of which takes its name from a prominent distinguishing feature (see Figs.
Entre los mas golpeados figura el magnate mexicano Carlos Slim, quien vio su patrimonio neto descender en mas de US$ 25.
The powerfan is a parachute descender which sends volunteers hurtling towards the ground before slowing down their speed.
El monito no podra sobrepasar o descender de la altura de la pesa, pues ambos estan perfectamente equilibrados.
During the course of the investigation health and safety officers removed a piece of equipment called a descender - which is used to carry performers down for the rigging for further examination.
Tritec of Minnesota, located in Virginia, MN, has introduced the Descender M-50, a mobile, trailer-mounted device with a man basket that can lower a worker into shafts or other excavations to depths of 50 feet.
Six of the charges relate to a descender - the piece of equipment that Eva was using when she plunged to her death.