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DESCENDER. In the descent; as formed on in the descender. Bac. Ab. Formedon, A 1. Vide Formedon.

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While most changes to the device will be difficult to see, Capital Safety have substantially improved the performance of their NoWorries Double Stop Descenders, enhancements include: a more comfortable and ergonomic handle, smoother operation in descent, lower co-efficient of friction when up-hauling/belaying or using the device within a progress capture system, and increased efficiency when used on a slope or with lighter weights.
David Arroyo, Samuel Dumoulin and the other Sanchez - Luis Leon - are other good descenders who are likely to fancy their chances.
The leftward curve of the descenders matches a similar curve in the descenders of the capital "f" and the lowercase thorn.
Hemade his intentions clear from the start, quickly opening up a substantial lead, and managed to hold off a challenge from three-times winner veteran Ian Holmes (Bingley), one of the sport's fastest descenders.
and descenders (letters like g, p and y that stick out below the other letters).
Our tents are filled with clothes, down jackets, sleeping bags, woollen gloves and socks, snow boots, and oodles of sunblock, moisturiser, lip balm, cleanser--as well as the routine climbing paraphernalia of ropes, crampons, harnesses, descenders and carabiners.