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DESCENDER. In the descent; as formed on in the descender. Bac. Ab. Formedon, A 1. Vide Formedon.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The founder behind the publisher of the famous Steam game "Descenders," Mike Rose, has already expressed his desire for a potential team-up with Hawk for a new skateboarding game.
While most changes to the device will be difficult to see, Capital Safety have substantially improved the performance of their NoWorries Double Stop Descenders, enhancements include: a more comfortable and ergonomic handle, smoother operation in descent, lower co-efficient of friction when up-hauling/belaying or using the device within a progress capture system, and increased efficiency when used on a slope or with lighter weights.
"Descenders" (Yordim) is the Hebrew term for emigrants.
Findings include: (1) A majority of high flyers maintained their status over time, but substantial numbers "lost altitude"; (2) Most Descenders don't fall far; and (3) High flyers grew academically at similar rates to low and middle achievers in math, but grew at slightly slower rates than low and middle achievers in reading.
The best two descenders in the peloton are Thor Hushovd - as he proved with his thrilling catch of Jeremy Roy on Friday - and Fabian Cancellara, but the climb should put them out of contention.
But about half a million persons, the majority of whom live in the U.S., represent the opposite trend: yordim, 'descenders' from Israel.
179010 MOD - Auto-belay system descenders. 180201 Stockport MBC - Signage materials.
that are higher than letters like o, m, s, etc.) and descenders (letters like g, p and y that stick out below the other letters).