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Note that N in the descriptive statistics is slightly larger than N
Tables 1-4 show the descriptive statistics, including the sample skewness and kurtosis, of simulated average paybacks.
Table 4 Descriptive Statistics of Respondent's Opinions about the Satisfaction of Library Services Opinions Frequency Percent Yes 48 59.
Part 2 and 3 on descriptive statistics can be clubbed together with two sub-sections: 'Graphs and Tables' and 'Numerical Measures'.
Descriptive statistics results for 'waste elimination' (Table 6) are very unanimous, similarly as for 'maintenance' (Table 7) where only greater deviation by claim nr.
The descriptive statistics further demonstrated the consistent performance of the laboratory.
Table 2 provides the descriptive statistics of the means for each quarter for the ten DCF variables.
Includes an annex of descriptive statistics for studies and an additional bibliography for more reading on the subject.
Specifically, it shows (1) descriptive statistics can be informative, but also has limits, (2) that some simple Excel features can help develop a better solution, (3) the importance of critical thinking when the problem is not well structured, which usually is the case in the real business world, (4) how business concepts (e.
Results: Descriptive statistics, multiple regressions and binary logistic regressions will be calculated.
Data were entered in an excel spreadsheet and descriptive statistics run using SPSS version 7.
There is a brief chapter on descriptive statistics, e.