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CITY, government. A town incorporated by that name. Originally, this word did not signify a town, but a portion of mankind who lived under the same government: what the Romans called civitas, and, the Greeks polis; whence the word politeia, civitas seu reipublicae status et administratio. Toull. Dr. Civ. Fr. 1. 1, t. 1, n. 202; Henrion de Pansey, Pouvoir Municipal, pp. 36, 37.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Influenced by ancient planning principles, the paths through the pavilion are suggestive of the narrow pedestrian streets and courtyards of the ancient desert city - and its contemporary reinterpretation in the sustainable Masdar City masterplan in Abu Dhabi, designed by Foster + Partners.
They took Liz's son Damian and Shane's daughter Summer, both 11, along with them to the desert city and the family were spotted tucking into ice creams.
He begins by addressing the national context of the city and the past half-century history of how the formal city, the informal city, and the desert city have developed in relation to each other.
Sixteen contestants of all shapes and sizes strutted their stuff on the catwalk in a packed auditorium in the southern desert city of Beer Sheba.
Elders in the desert city of Bani Waleed, once a Gaddafi bastion, dismissed accusations they wanted to restore the late dictator's family to power or had any ambitions beyond their local area.
He is currently working with Central Arizona Project's Long-Term Ecological Research and the Decision Center for a Desert City, both NSF-sponsored activities, to develop strategies to integrate natural and social sciences into the development of sustainable policies for arid urban environments.
The city of Odessa, facing a dire drought situation, is looking to an unlikely example for help in finding water: the desert city of El Paso.
Israel deployed the first battery of the unique multi-million-dollar system on March 27 outside the southern desert city of Beersheva, after it was hit by Grad rockets fired by Palestinian militants in the Gaza Strip.
"I refuse fame when built on wrongdoing," a remorseful Awana said from the UAE training camp in the desert city of Al-Ain, quoted by Gulf News.
AFP quoted a British Defense Ministry source as saying that Tornado GR 4 fighters launched operations against ammunition stores in the Libyan Desert city of Sabha.
You don't need to think too much as the desert city of Jaisalmer allows you to do all this, and much more.
Citing an article by the New York Times, Rubin recalled that knife-wielding gangs attacked, in November in the desert city of Laayoune, about 130 miles from Amgala, unarmed Moroccan security officers, killing 11.