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He moved there from San Francisco because the cost of living is shockingly low and he loves the desert climate.
The Sophia Echo reported that the price of a cornea in the Arab world is about $6,000 and that corneas are in great demand because the desert climate contributes to corneal blindness.
They are wishful images of an untouched, wild nature, staged in a desert climate to create the impression of a paradise--one that in reality would be impossible without the help of costly watering systems.
Over the years, crosses have been knocked down by vandals and fallen prey to the harsh desert climate, but residents have continued to erect replacements.
Maintenance was also a problem since the aircraft's wooden and canvas components suffered from the desert climate (especially the wooden propellers).
Goldrush has to be grown in a warm desert climate so it is not suitable for the major pear growing regions in the world," he adds.
Mockbee adds that, because of the desert climate, the state of Arizona requires vehicles to carry enough bottled water for each person on board, along with first-aid kits and fire extinguishers as standard equipment.
THE spectacular pounds 86 million Eden Project in Cornwall is bringing forward plans to create a new desert climate section, to help deal with huge visitor numbers.
Moroccans make efficient use of heat and water, a precious commodity in the desert climate.
Having been ravaged by the extreme desert climate, a runaway at California's Inyokern Airport was treated using a pavement reinforcement system in May 1995.