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DESERTER. One who abandons his post; as, a soldier who abandons the public service without leave; or a sailor who abandons a ship when he has engaged to serve.

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Immediately upon retiring from the castle, the Saxon thanes, with their attendants, took horse; and it was during the bustle which attended their doing so, that Cedric, for the first time, cast his eyes upon the deserter Gurth.
you do well to remind me of the ladies, you dastardly deserter,' cried he, shaking his formidable fist at his brother-in- law.
Hamel," his host said, " is a member of my family who has been a deserter for a short time.
And, good heaven, man," cried I, "you that are a condemned rebel, and a deserter, and a man of the French King's -- what tempts ye back into this country?
The cell, or black hole, for it had those words painted on the door, was very dark, and having recently accommodated a drunken deserter, by no means clean.
Besides being a rough handling of his wounded mind, it seemed to assume that he really was the self- interested deserter he had been called.
There was the sleepy Sunday of his boyhood, when, like a military deserter, he was marched to chapel by a picquet of teachers three times a day, morally handcuffed to another boy; and when he would willingly have bartered two meals of indigestible sermon for another ounce or two of inferior mutton at his scanty dinner in the flesh.
Truly,' returned Mrs Wilfer, courteously receiving the deserter, it would seem that we are required to think so.
As was acknowledged in last year's USA Today story, which was by no means a puff piece for the Pentagon, "Most deserters return within months, without coercion.
On top of our present problems we'd have thousands of deserters dodging police and living by robbing us.
Aensworth was one of nearly two thousand soldiers named as deserters in surviving issues of newspapers printed in British colonies from Nova Scotia to Georgia between 1755 and 1762.
Their title was confirmed following a convincing 289-248 win over the Deserters in the annual match featuring the top sides from the Combined Cardiff Clubs and Cardiff & District Leagues.