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Scrubland Xerophytic 24: Sub-montane scrubland, 25: Spiny scrubs Tamaulipecan scrubland, 26: Cacti- dominated scrubland, 27: Succulent-dominated scrubland, 28: Succulent-cacti-dominated scrubland, 29: Sub-tropical scrubland, 31: Xerophytic scrubland, 32: Succulent- cactus-dominated cloud scrubland, 33: Rosetophylous scrubland, 34: Desertic xerophytic rosetophylous scrubland, 35: Desertic xerophytic microphylous scrubland, 36: Propospis spp.
They are of etch type and are azonal, a quality also attaching to many structural landforms, while the work of rivers is germane to the interpretation of all landscapes including glaciated and desertic.
The development of the nitrate industry made a great impact not only worldwide but locally in the desertic pampa, between the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th centuries.
The terrestrial area is desertic, with an annual rainfall of about 113 mm.