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Desertions should be considered pure political crimes because the main "victim" of the crime is the state.
Tribal affiliations Desertions are being reported in other western provinces including Badghis, Ghor and Nimroz.
In the Jim Crow South, the dilemma of desertion was further complicated by a gendered logic of race separation, where respectable white womanhood meant reliance on a male protector.
From this perspective, the military environment offers both a development background and the motivation for the emergence of disadaptive conducts that can turn into true psychiatric emergencies with characteristics specific to this environment: psychomotor agitation crises, self- and hetero-aggressive dissociative manifestations, desertion. Generally, the disadaptive conduct present at the end of the adolescence or in the young adult and highlighted by the military environment is made of the repetition of similar manifestations in the same individuals in previously experienced environments and institutions.
He says that better rotation of units and loyalty bonuses could be introduced to help stem the flow of desertions before the army goes it alone in 2014.
True, the desertion of Riyad Hijab at such a crucial time in the civil war is bad for the Syrian government in terms of publicity, but it will surprise few in the Middle East and needs putting in perspective.
Van Bijlert says some of the equipment taken during desertions has ended up in the hands of the Taliban.
'The Army was not in combat in [fiscal] 2001.' And while desertions are up, the first-term attrition rate--which includes desertions--has dropped from 18.1 percent in April 2005 to 7.2 percent today."
While it is difficult to determine the extent to which voyageurs were able to play this economic game prior to 1815, the excessive number of desertions starting in 1815 point to a changing economic environment, one which favoured the voyageurs' willingness and ability to act in an entrepreneurial fashion.
What is perhaps most surprising is the repeated appearances of clergymen accused of aiding in husband desertions. Clergymen drawn from a wide variety of positions (from parsons and chaplains, to a vicar, an archdeacon, and even a monk), assisted in fifteen instances of husband desertion.
Hitt wouldn't speculate on why Swift - who was gone from the base for well over 30 days - wasn't charged with desertion.
Meanwhile, the desertions continue to undermine US hopes of handing over to Iraqi forces any time soon.