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The German army maps indicate that Andersch's desertion is depicted with a precise sense of the topography, but with a slight inconsistency in the date.
46) There is an institutional bias within the military against desertions and disobedience, and it is reflected in legal norms.
Tribal affiliations Desertions are being reported in other western provinces including Badghis, Ghor and Nimroz.
In the Jim Crow South, the dilemma of desertion was further complicated by a gendered logic of race separation, where respectable white womanhood meant reliance on a male protector.
Being either the escape from the unit or the escape from oneself, desertion is rooted in other similar conducts manifested in the individual's biography, previous to his conscription.
General Zahir Azimi, spokesman for the Afghan defense ministry, says the desertion rate is significantly lower but still 10 to 15 percent.
True, the desertion of Riyad Hijab at such a crucial time in the civil war is bad for the Syrian government in terms of publicity, but it will surprise few in the Middle East and needs putting in perspective.
The answer is desertion with intent to shirk important service under Article 85, UCMJ.
Van Bijlert says some of the equipment taken during desertions has ended up in the hands of the Taliban.
The latest desertion occurred in Orakzai tribal district, where the security forces.
The Army Times spelled this out even more clearly: "At the same time, desertions fell in two of the other three services.
29) An additional fifteen voyageur accounts with less detailed notations read: "Can find no statement of this man's account," pointing to potential desertions, and illustrating the difficulty that the HBC had in keeping track of its voyageurs.