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From that time nothing was heard of but desertion in Lambert's army.
Whichever way his thoughts turned they were followed by the somber phantom of the desertion in the fields.
Gardiner then rallied her niece on Wickham's desertion, and complimented her on bearing it so well.
They succeeded in overtaking the party of which they were in quest, but concealed their faithless desertion of Scott; alleging that he had died of disease.
During the stay of the troops at the foot of the Otsego a soldier was shot for desertion.
The fact of Desertion I will not dispute; But its guilt, as I trust, is removed(So far as related to the costs of this suit) By the Alibi which has been proved.
Hunt, partly incited by indignation, partly by the policy of deterring others from desertion, put his threat into execution, and left them to find their way back to the settlements without, as he supposed, a single bullet or charge of powder.
Even if his desertion meant nothing to her he would have been grateful if she had pretended it did.
My mother-in-law came to me in tears and said that Helene was here and that she implored me to hear her; that she was innocent and unhappy at my desertion, and much more.
This apparent desertion puzzled the Pumpkinhead, and made him uneasy.
Werper, on the other hand, could scarce make his escape alone through a country hostile to Europeans while the men he would send with the Belgian could be carefully selected with a view to preventing Werper from persuading any considerable portion of his command to accompany him should he contemplate desertion of his chief.
In that very village he had hanged five for theft and attempted desertion.