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The Facebooke page says: a "If anyon ne deserver san award she does, and evervy r parentr including yourself r would likek to think that their school c lollipop person would do the same.
k John said: "I am thrilled the gardenr is finallyl getting the recognition we deserver .
He was a character r and deserver stobe remembm ered.
The crisis has been a national scandal which was shamelessly ignored by the previous government and the Housing Minister deservers praise for at least beginning this monumental task.
The court under president Dharampal and members Anita Kapoor and Anil Sharma said, "It may be noticed at the very outset that the objection by the opposition parties (Airtel) regarding the maintainability of the complaint before the forum deservers to be out rightly negated.
This is an achievement deservers to be proud of and to celebrate, it is as an outcome of a huge work and endeavor done, on the ground, he concluded.
Middleton closes on a religious note: these triumphs are "but shadows to those eternal glories that stand ready for deservers.