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Yet this is analogous to what happens in ELT when it comes to determiners, because as far as I can discover, no published ELT materials explicitly recognize the specifier function.
Although confusion in ELT materials about determiners is not limited to confusion with pronouns, (12) this is the focus here.
Determiners like a and few will be lexically specified as [COUNT +] and others like much will be treated as [COUNT -].
In addition, we can observe that the number value on the determiner this and five in both cases mismatches the value on the verb.
The global distribution of determiners in our corpus in Table 1 below, shows that the zero article is the most common determiner, distantly followed by the indefinite article, quantifiers and the definite article.
For example, indexical directly referential terms, such as "now", have reference determiners sensitive to the context in which the expression is uttered, that is, they pick out different referents in different contexts of use.
421); (c) introducing heads, modifiers, and determiners as functions in the internal structure of the NP (p.
In Dutch, there are two determiners for three genders; whereas in French there are two determiners for two genders.
In addition, in absolute terms these errors of Content, Determiners or Length, occur mainly in incorrect options rather than in correct ones.
Earliest to develop are determiners and tense, with complementizers coming in somewhat later.
Determiners have been a subject of many interesting studies in the syntactic literature.
In sentences with determiners in initial position, this requires changing the initial discourse assumption.