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Consequently, the general deterrent effect of punitive damages does not seem weakened as a result of the tortfeasor's death.
The basic dispute over whether the ICC can have a deterrent effect and the secondary question of whether institutional reforms could significantly increase future deterrence show the importance of further exploring the logic of effective deterrence.
A punitive damage award is likely to have a more immediate deterrent effect than a simple negligence case with modest compensatory damages.
Piracy Deterrence: The Deterrent Effect of Digital Serial Numbers on
The prohibitions and punishments have only a deterrent effect and may be inconclusive if they are not supported by comprehensive strategies such as raising cigarette prices and establishing medical clinics to help people give up smoking, experts says.
"Clearly the police have taken some action but it is not having the deterrent effect that is needed, a targeted operation should be launched to stamp out this dangerous activity."
"Our data suggest that a 25 percent increase in compliance of laws prohibiting cigarette sales to minors has about the same deterrent effect as increasing the price by $2 in 2006 dollars," said Joseph DiFranza, MD, professor of family medicine and community health at the University of Massachusetts Medical School.
To be sure, most of the recent research that purports to find a deterrent effect has been critiqued (as we will discuss below), but that still leaves the layperson trying to decide between "he said, she said" exchanges and complex statistical debates that few can understand.
Suppose that you and I disagree about some nonstraightforward matter of fact (say, about whether capital punishment tends to have a deterrent effect on crime).
But Labour's Sharon Hodgson (Gateshead E and Washington W) said: "Any potential deterrent effect is going to be for the people who may go on to commit these crimes, they need to see this information.
They misunderstand the principles of jurisprudence - punishments should be punitive to have a deterrent effect.
Iyengar found that the law had a significant deterrent effect, just as intended; criminals were less likely to reoffend after they triggered the law.