DETINUIT, practice. He detained.
     2. Where an action of replevin is instituted for goods which the defendant had taken, but which he afterwards restored, it is said to be brought in the detinuit; in such case the judgment is, that the plaintiff recover the damages assessed by the jury for the taking and unjust detention, or for the latter only, where the former was justifiable, and his costs. 4 Bouv. Inst. n. 3562. 3. When the replevin is in the detinet, that he detains the goods, the jury must find in addition to the above, the value of the chattels, (assuming they are still detained, not in a gross sum, but each separate article must be separately valued, for perhaps the defendant may restore some of them, in which case the plaintiff is to recover the value of the remainder. Vide Debet et Detinet.

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55) ipsum me melior cum peteret Venus, / grata detinuit compede Myrtale / libertina, fretis acrior Hadriae / curvantis Calabros sinus, when a better Venus sought me out, freed Myrtale retained me in pleasant confinement, Myrtale more destructive than the breakers of the Adriatic curving round the gulf of Calabria,1.