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The interaction can take place in one of three different ways: I) film or veils, in which the BMC is dispersed throughout loosely consolidated detrital sediment; II) mats, which are cohesive BMC masses, formed around trapped and bound detrital sediment; III) indurated masses, typically composed of limestone, produced by mineralization of the BMC.
In the Potrero Grande window, poor and discontinuous outcrops display cherts, pillow basalts, detrital sediments and radiolarites bearing Callovian-Oxfordian, Early Lower Cretaceous and Cenomanian fauna (Schmidt-Effing, 1980; de Wever et al., 1985).
(1994) recently described palycretes in Paleogene detrital sediments of the Duero and Tajo Basins, Central Spain.