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Deep-water macroalgal-dominated coastal detritic assemblages on the continental shelf off Mallorca and Menorca (Balearic Islands, Western Mediterranean).
In the study area, basaltic and basanitic lavas and ignimbrites of the Roque Nublo and Post-Roque Nublo groups and sediments of Las Palmas detritic Formation outcrop.
Mapia Reef, overlooking the Manado Gulf, is a sheltered site with very calm waters characterized by a detritic slope of black volcanic sand and rocks interspersed with coral gardens.
These units were formed between the Upper Carboniferous Period and Middle Permian Epoch and occur in the state a complex association of several lithofacies, almost all of which are detritic that formed in rapid vertical and horizontal successions (IPT, 1981).
The section exposed is composed of detritic rocks, heterogeneous litoclasts and bioclasts in composition and size, where the beds slightly tend to the SE, in monoclinal form.
In western and central Sicily these mainly contain brown soil (Calcixerollic Xerochrepts), rather humid and rich in detritic materials (Fierotti & al.
These are potentially toxic metals at health in a human populations and the biota had to be research on the solution and suspension fractions, but not the behaviour from the detritic material.
Nonetheless, the pediments of the tectonic valley differ from those of Meson and Invernada by their topographic position and their detritic composition inasmuch as there are no big boulders here, whereas Meson and Invernada contain boulders of over 1 [m.
The following sequence of Cambrian units is located over the Precambrian rocks: Basal Conglomerates and Lower Detritic Series (shales and sandstones), Carbonate Series (limestones and calc-schists) and Upper Detritic Series (shales and sandstones).
Hameed MR, Erlandson R, Rosen PR Capsular synovial-like hyperplasia around mammary implants similar to detritic synovitis: a morphologic and immunohistochemical study of 15 cases.
This detritic material in turn absorbs various organic compounds and can concentrate the secretions of organisms.
The importance of recycling processes in the genesis of detritic material (sedimenticlastics sensu Arribas and Tortosa, 2003) has been stressed by several authors (Blatt and Jones, 1975; Ingersoll, 1983; Garrels, 1986) and several criteria for the petrographic differentiation of recycled sediments have been defined (Folk, 1974; Zuffa, 1987; Arribas et al.