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These plants constitute a good refuge for these devastators. They offer a favorable and relatively stable environment for the preservation and the swarming of these insects.
Yorktown's VT-5 Devastators missed with nine torpedoes.
After pleading in vain with his superior, Hornet Air Group commander Stanhope Ring, to change course, Waldron led the 15 Devastators of VT-8 out of formation at 8:25 and onto a course directly toward the Kido Butai.
VT-8 bore in on Soryu at wave-top altitude, its lumbering Devastators traveling at a mere 110 miles per hour.
MOST PEOPLE FAMILIAR with the Battle of Midway have heard of Torpedo Squadron 8, whose pilots flew obsolete Douglas TBD Devastator torpedo bombers in an attack on the Japanese fleet and were all shot down.
The destruction of Torpedo 8 was barely finished when Lieutenant Commander Eugene Lindsey arrived with his 14 Devastators from the Enterprise.
The sacrifice of VT-8 and Lindsey's Devastators was not in vain; Nagumo's protecting Zeros were off their guard, hovering just above the sea fresh from their massacre of the low-flying torpedo bombers.
At 9:25, 15 Devastator torpedo bombers from the Hornet sniffed out their targets.
The threat is so great that Naval Station Ingleside, Texas, (home of the Navy's Mine Warfare Command), has an entire fleet of specialized ships like Devastator, helicopters and explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) personnel dedicated to hunting, sweeping and eliminating mines.
"Not everyone can do it You have to have the right personality," said Electronics Technician 3rd Class Jimmy Rush, of USS Devastator. "When people are first exposed to the "Ingleside Navy," it freaks them out.
This green leafhopper was been point out primary as a devastator of cotton in Egypt an Soudan.
All the difficulty lives in the census and the characterization of the feature of the auxiliaries towards the devastator of the vine: indeed, if certain specialized parasitoids are really present, they seem incapable allow, to control the peaks of population.