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DEACON, Eccl. law. A minister or servant in the church whose office, in some churches, is to assist the priest in divine service, and the distribution of the sacrament.

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Here the term "pastoral" encompasses the ministry practiced by ordained pastors, diaconal ministers, deaconesses, associates in ministry, and other lay leaders.
He is married to Tori, a diaconal minister and the education consultant for the synod.
A nominee could be a layperson, elder, diaconal minister, or minister of word and sacraments in the Presbyterian Church, Reid added.
Synod staff person; Full-time; Location: resident of Vancouver area; Qualifications: Minister or Diaconal Minister job description is available upon request);Contact Rev.
Presbyteries may commission the candidate to administer communion in a particular pastoral charge for a two-year term, which can be renewed following a presbytery review, and the elder or diaconal minister must be accountable to presbytery through the interim moderator assigned to the charge.
My aunt graduated from Ewart College in 1962, but instead of becoming a diaconal minister, she taught in the public school system.
and a diaconal minister of the Presbyterian Church in Canada.
Diaconal ministers were called "deaconesses" until 1984 (the Order of Deaconesses was founded in 1908) and their forms of ministry ran the gamut from social justice to mission work to Christian education.