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This needs its own diagnostic criteria, which will be helpful not only for patients, but frankly for the research enterprise going forward," she said.
In terms of the DSM-IV diagnostic criteria, the following predicted the presence of a MDE according to the logistic regression analysis (in order of importance): loss of interest (diagnostic criterion #2), (p=0.
Diagnostic criteria for HLH Diagnostic criteria for HLH used in the HLH-2004 trial.
The issues of the ungrounded fear of circularity and the promise of diagnostic criteria, as distinct from classification criteria, yet to come, are explicitly present in the related manuscripts.
These categories, along with the specific IOM-recommended diagnostic criteria for FAS and alcohol-related effects, were described fully in the previous issue of Alcohol Research & Health focusing on these outcomes (Warren and Foudin 2001) that is available on the NIAAA Web site at http://pubs.
Nonetheless, they clearly meet diagnostic criteria for substance dependence.
Although recent meta-analytic work reports that brief motivational interventions (which include the use of MI and DB) are not intended for individuals meeting the DSM-IV-TR diagnostic criteria for alcohol abuse or dependence (Moyer, Finney, Swearingen, & Vergun, 2002), there does exist ample empirical evidence underscoring the utilization and efficacy of MI with substance abusers in treatment (e.
xenopi was isolated from January 1999 through March 2005 by using diagnostic criteria for nontuberculous mycobacterial infection published by the American Thoracic Society.
The ROC curves represent the dependence between specificity and sensitivity of the diagnostic criteria for LVH (Fig.
Given that the focus of our column is clinical, however, we prioritized true ST-segment deviation that meets diagnostic criteria.
Relevant topics for study of the nonmalignant urological diseases in adults or children could include, but are not limited to 1) diagnostic tools and instruments that can asses the extent and physiological parameters of disease and evaluate disease progression or response to therapy; 2) improved diagnostic criteria for diseases and disease subcategories; 3) accurate epidemiologic data on diseases in various ethnic and racial groups; 4) validated strategies to access early detection of disease, for disease progression and for response to therapy; 5) novel approaches to preventing the onset of disease or preventing the progression of established disease; 6) studies of the effect of the treatment of comorbid disorders on the symptoms, progression, and morbidity of urological diseases.
Therefore, the Department will spend more than $1 million on a "scientific review" of PTSD diagnostic criteria and the validity of its screening techniques.

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