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But nevertheless, the dialectical method of Hegel helped him to overcome the impossible contradiction of the infinite and the finite faced by Spinoza, theology and all previous idealist philosophies.
On dialectical methods in Islamic theology, see 189-198.
And how does Marx's dialectical method help him to uncover it?
To get a sense of Jameson's use of the dialectic, here is his description of the dialectical method (Archaeologies of the Future, p.
On his understanding, a dialectical method "focuses on relational 'contradictions' or paradoxes revealed in the dynamism of history," yet "refuses to recognize them as mutually exclusive or exhaustive.
The first volume examines Anselm's career at Bec, his relationship with Lanfranc, and his transforming the intellectual life of the school at Bec by his development of the dialectical method.
The text is a sequel and supplement to Novack's earlier work, An Introduction to the Logic of Marxism, which outlined the main ideas of the dialectical method of thought but included minimal reference to the materialistic foundations of Marxism; this volume focuses on the materialistic roots of the Marxist outlook.
In the Decretum, a twelfth-century lawyer known as Gratian (about whom we know virtually nothing) harmonized by dialectical method and sample cases a theretofore undigested mass of ecclesiastical legislation and patristic sources dating from the second century to his own time (ca.
81) The via that Erasmus has in mind may be akin to the spiritual viae of the Modern Devotionalists; it may have been, as Boyle suggests, appropriated from scholastics like Peter of Spain whose famous Summulae logicales (1246) formulates the late medieval view of the dialectical method, calling it "the road to the principle of all methods.
Following an overview of the few biographical details that are known about his life, medieval scholastic thought, and modern scholarly interest in his dialectical method, Feldman (retired, philosophy, Rutgers U.
The answer to sectoralism is to overcome all partial and one-sided approaches in the whole, or the universal, through a dialectical method.