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2006), in particular, the spirit of naive dialecticism can be expressed graphically and represented well in the symbol of tai chi tu (see Figure 1).
Thus, in contrast to naive dialecticism of the East, Western dialectical thinking emphasizes three different laws: the law of identity, the law of contradiction, and the law of the excluded middle (Peng & Nisbett, 1999).
It is precisely at this point of what appears to be a purely negative dialecticism, however, that a reconsideration of the book's generic link to utopia/SF can offer an alternative perspective on the seemingly forlorn conclusion of Grimus.
See his criticism of MacIntyre's dialecticism in Theology and Social Theory: Beyond Secular Reason (Oxford: Blackwell, 1990), 326ff, as well as his more recent reflections on Nicholas of Cusa's theological hierarchies in Being Reconciled: Ontology and Pardon (London: Routledge, 2003), 105-137.
Finally, Arthur Bradley examines the structure and methodology of biography more generally, using the work of Jacques Derrida to show how the dialectic presentation of the relationship between Byron and Shelley has excluded other ways of thinking about their creative friendship, finding in the winged laughter of 'Julian and Maddalo' a figure for an alternative mode of biography that resists dialecticism.
The post-Kantian idealistic doctrine of dialecticism tends to unify the opposites by the process of meditation.
Whitman's Debt to Joseph Gostwick," American Literature, 12 (1941), 491-496; and Cai Zong-qi, "Hegel's Phenomenological Dialectic and the Structure of Whitman's 'Song of Myself,'" CLIO: A Journal of Literature, History, and the Philosophy of History, 16 (Summer 1987), 317-329, on the similarities between Hegelian dialecticism and Whitman's poetic vision.