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Never mind that their revolutionary diatribes sent sick workers fleeing the clinics.
But he quickly alienated large sectors of the Venezuelan population with his diatribes against Venezuela's wealthy (whom he has referred to as "squealing pigs"), his crackdowns on organized religion, and his rigid socialist economic policies.
The actors have a ball, none more so than Cox as the anorexic actress who gets to shout her long diatribes while wearing a Jackie Susannesque pink pantsuit.
Never mind that Lebanon's current buffoon of a president, Emile Lahoud, utters major diatribes against Israel as if he himself is a Palestinian who has lost a homeland.
Reaching into 30 states, Parshall's show puts a folksy touch on hard-edged family-values diatribes.
Russian writer Solomon Volkov published the book ``Testimony: The Memoirs of Dmitri Shostakovich,'' in which he ascribed to the composer lengthy diatribes against the Soviet Union and fellow musical figures.
He's been known to post diatribes on everything from music to violence in schools on his popular Web site (www.
Bauer often sparred with former Christian Coalition executive director Ralph Reed, a vociferous opponent of gay rights who nonetheless spoke critically of antigay diatribes.
Although their political diatribes are sometimes painfully naive, the band pulls off what may be the best hard rock album of the year with ``The Battle of Los Angeles,'' the pioneering rap-rock quartet's third and finest release.
His best friend (and unrequited love) Brian (Gale Harold) is a dangerously promiscuous heterophobe - he mixes drugs and sex indiscriminately between diatribes against misunderstanding straights - and has contributed his sperm to help conceive a child through a vaguely contentious lesbian couple (Thea Gill and Michelle Clunie).
In their frequent diatribes regarding the policies of the Boy Scouts of America, they refer to them as homophobic, discriminatory and ``living under rocks.
The Glendale station, known for George Putnam's Clinton-bashing diatribes, has struck gold with ``Radio A Go-Go