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Law enforcement officials who attended his talk last August were "disturbed to hear a diatribe against Muslims passed off as instruction on the fundamentals of counterterrorism," the publication said.
In mitigation, I maintain my diatribes are usually a response to the aforementioned correspondents who constantly get my hackles up with their views.
Because the building was being used as a staging area for the police and other security types protecting the campus from those who might disrobe, burn draft cards and sing diatribes against authority.
How could America's most famous wildlife biologist, she who launched generations of wingnut pesticide diatribes with a single book, be left out of the first modern American wilderness studies text?
Often a well conceived cartoon can make a more telling political statement than any number of polemical speeches or ideological diatribes. More than four hundred editorial cartoons by more than 180 editorial cartoons recreates a year's worth of social, economic, cultural, and political issues that shaped the year's political discourse from the right, from the left, and from the middle of America's political spectrum.
Luther's vitriolic diatribes against the Jews are part of the history that leads to Kristallnacht.
As Web log, or "blog," software made it easy for individuals to post personal thoughts, observations and even diatribes in online diaries, wiki software extends that concept to groups.
* Refrain from diatribes. Not only do they detract from the substance of a case, but they needlessly consume trial time and wear on jurors.
And instead of having to listen to endless diatribes about an angry, judgmental God, June is now able to "find God in my grandma's smile or in Rhett's voice." A quirky, unusual story about a memorable girl.
Such female power, in turn, generated a backlash exemplified by Jean-Jacques Rousseau's diatribes against women's influence on the stage as well as in salons.
Baskerville, whose diatribes against the "divorce industry" have appeared not only in conservative publications but in libertarian ones such as Liberty, makes a good case that divorce increases government control over families.
Most pages contain running diatribes purportedly penned by the man himself under the name El Chino.