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Dibra was operating a phone line contacted by undercover police.
Caption: Sebhia Dibra and Shiran Zhavian wear Alternative Apparel, San Diego Hat Co, and Dentz Design
Under the agreement, Corcoran brokers will refer their clients to Dibra who will offer his services at a reduced rate.
Though it refers to true events, The Concert playfully riffs on history, jumping from peeks into the sick ramblings of Mao and Chou En-lai (Hoxha and Pol Pot make cameos) to the wild and woolly attempts by the Dibra family and Bermema to maintain domestic and creative equilibrium.
a non-profit organization dedicated to the aid and assistance of low-income pet owners, this exciting and fun event will be hosted at the Edison Ballroom in Manhattan on November 10th from 11:30am to 2pm, during which finalists will compete for the grand prize of talent representation by Bash Dibra.
The OSCE Presence followed the elections in Dibra closely and with great interest.
Another man, Albanian Ubium Dibra, 19, of Falkland Street, Middlesbrough, was also arrested in the house but was cleared by a jury of the same offences after claiming he was simply visiting the house and knew nothing about the drugs.
Special celebrity appearances will include The Today Show's Entertainment and Animal Rights Correspondent Jill Rappaport, General Manager for the NJ Nets Kiki Vandeweghe, Celebrity Pet Trainer Bash Dibra, Pet Author Arden Moore, Clifford the Big Red Dog, and Max from Max and Ruby.
The Central Election Commission (CEC) and the OSCE Presence in Albania organized a series of voter information and education sessions for 140 women in the municipality of Dibra on 1 and 2 September 2016, ahead of the 11 September mayoral by-election.
Similar findings on the lack of association between CRP and angiographic restenosis have also been reported in 75 patients treated with directional coronary atherectomy (20), in a report from Dibra et al.
The grand prize winner will receive representation by Bash Dibra to secure television, stage, print or film roles for their pet.
To kick off the national search, celebrity pet trainer and self-proclaimed PDDA supporter Bash Dibra will host the first "Mutt Mobile" stop in New York City today at Tompkins Square Park, the first dog run in the city, from 4 to 7 p.