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The next question is closed and dichotomic (after the occurrence of violence, did you tell anyone about it?
Fair Play understood as a dichotomic, right and wrong relationship is not merely associated with the idea of adhesion to rules, but is also present in the managers' narratives in reference to the notion of justice.
A "tunnelling," a focus of the spectrum of options that are generally available in the consciousness of the individual is produced, as long as his/her thinking is not captured by the dichotomic gap of problem-solving in conformity with the slogan "All or nothing
On the other hand, we have used a dichotomic indicator (binary variable) that takes the value 1 if a non-investor stakeholder (IT president--Spain) includes the company in the group that positively stands out in aspects of transparency, CSR in general, and corruption-fight in particular, and 0 on the other way round.
Only one study presented the average number of cigarettes consumed per day in relation to social mobility (13), while another four used the variable 'smoker' in the simple dichotomic form (12,14-16)--currently smokes or currently does not smoke--and only one considered ex-smokers as within the classification of the variable smokers (11).
The dependent variable, ownership mode, was measured using a dichotomic variable (wholly-owned subsidiary versus joint venture).
Nevertheless, as Segato argues, due to the anti-essentialist character of gender construction in Afro-Brazilian religions, these gender attributions would not correspond in a dichotomic way with the male/female anatomies (Santos).
Franz Kafka's personality, the German speaking Jew, the "asylum seeker" in the Prague culture, is surprising by its dichotomic, lonely, paradoxical nature.
The main scores of the scale are: 1) Prevalence: these are dichotomic scores reflecting whether a participant reports the presence of a behavior defined in the scale in the past year.
With this dichotomic variable (yes/no), we determine whether high school students spend part of their free time performing physical activities.
In other words, dichotomic terms are always introduced to interpret China--for example, dichotomy between loyalists and dissidents.