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An exclusive low-angle incidence dichroic mirror realizes 30% increase of fluorescence efficiency.
Using the standard epi-illumination geometry, white light from a 100-W mercury lamp is collimated, passed through a filter to select the excitation wavelengths (centered at 480 nm with 40 nm spectral bandwidth), reflected by a dichroic mirror (505 nm long pass), and focused on the bead array by use of a 4x microscope objective (numerical aperture ~0.
The light's patented dichroic mirror and microlens technology deriver thousands of diverging light beams to create a homogeneous distribution of light and efficient heat management over the entire surgical site.
The confocal microscope was optimally configured for SYTOX Green analysis by using the 488-nm excitation laser with a 488-nm dichroic mirror and relative short pass filter of 580 nm in the first beam-splitter position.
Some fluorescence is recaptured by the fibre, and the light that is carried back through the fi bre is separated from excitation radiation by a dichroic mirror, and is then detected by a photomultiplier tube (2).