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* Dictionary attack resistance: An attacker should be unable to dictionary attack.
Table 1: Average password cracking time (B: brute-force attack, D: dictionary attack).
Websites put these password rules into place to avoid two of the most common attacks: brute force and dictionary attacks.
5) Once the file has been obtained, a dictionary attack would be carried out, based on a list of previously generated words.
This offline dictionary attack can be trivially simplified to an insider-attacker version whereby one of the two clients, A and B, tries to discover the other client's password.
Therefore passwords are subject to dictionary attacks or even to a simple exhaustive search.
Indeed, we found that S-3PAKE is not secure against an offline dictionary attack in the presence of a malicious client.
Hackers have known for some time that these WPA-PSK networks are vulnerable to what's called a dictionary attack, where the hacker guesses the password by trying out thousands of commonly used passwords until one finally works.
The newly added dictionary attack allows unlocking information protected with strong passwords faster.
Once they find an extension, they run their dictionary attack software.
Secondly, once you're satisfied that nothing will break if you change those strings, select something complex that will resist a dictionary attack. A long string of mixed case, numbers and punctuation is best.