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The dependence of the diffusion coefficient on the temperature of the water is described well here by Arrhenius' relation.
Also, the oxygen concentration profile for different effective diffusion coefficient using both analytical and numerical models has been illustrated, in Fig.
The described changes of the mass transfer characteristics allow us to assume that different mass transfer mechanisms may govern the diffusion process in the various structural areas of the composites: if the dispersed phase is impermeable to penetrant molecules, the mass transfer properties of the composites are characterized by macroscopic diffusion coefficients and the sorption kinetics is governed by Fick's law [13].
The values of parameter [XI] are firstly determined by published experimental data of diffusion coefficient.
At very low pressures, Equation (8) approaches the expression for the diffusion coefficient in the Knudsen flow regime (Loeb, 1961):
Prostate cancer: apparent diffusion coefficient map with T2-weighted images for detection-a multireader study.
DWI, analyzing the diffusion coefficient of fluid in vivo , is the noninvasive way to detect both intra- and extracellular molecular diffusion of water in living organisms.
To determine the moisture diffusion coefficient during rehydration at the different temperatures of the nectarine slices dried at 50[degrees]C degrees by pretreatment and without pretreatment, t versus (ln W) figures were plotted.
The mean apparent diffusion coefficient value of the malignant breast lesions was significantly lower than that of the benign breast lesions (p-value<0.
Keywords: Magnetic resonance imaging, parotid glands, diffusion weighted imaging, apparent diffusion coefficient

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