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Ouyang, Volume growth and escape rate of symmetric diffusion processes, Stochastics 88 (2016), no.
One is to use other types of coatings, like electroless Nickel, the second is to refine a base material by diffusion processes.
He considers parametric and nonparametric inference problems for fractional diffusion processes when a complete path of the process over a finite interval is observable.
A thermal process has to take place in order to initiate diffusion processes between the joining partners.
Indeed, diffusion processes constitute good indicators of new peripheral centralities, and thus of emerging polycentric organizations (2003a, 2003b).
In the second section we focus on the diffusion processes of mobile communications technologies and their determinants in transition economies.
The 150 is capable of checking the surface after diffusion processes, such as nitriding or oxidizing.
To reduce the shrinkage the material is pre-polymerized, creating a solidified glassy structure in which diffusion processes are substantially slowed.
Here, the thermoplastic component is overmolded onto the cured elastomer; because of diffusion processes, the two materials join without using external bonding agents.
For the semiconductor industry, LUXTRON's yield-enhancing products fall into two categories: in situ endpoint monitors that detect process endpoints in dry (plasma) etch, wet etch, and chemical mechanical planarization (CMP) systems; and fiber optic temperature sensors used in plasma etch, sputtering, CVD, PVD, EPI, RTP, and diffusion processes.
However, while elections mainly affect routine trading (diffusion process) for small stocks, they affect both jump and diffusion processes for large stocks.

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