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retired) examines methods and theory in anthropology with more depth than traditional graduate textbooks, providing students with a distinctly philosophical approach to such topics as functionalism, structuralism, diffusionism, marriage and broad concepts of human nature.
Thereafter treatment switches to diffusionism, ley-hunting and druidism.
Colonial diffusionism and the archaeology of external influences on Aboriginal culture.
Roth declares diffusionism naive, argues that dependency theory does not take local factors into account to the extent it should, and sees the communitarian model as not "macro" enough.
In fact, Claude Levi-Strauss is trying to strip ethnology, or social and cultural anthropology, of the ambiguous relations it maintains, by his account, with history through evolutionism, diffusionism, and functionalism (Levi-Strauss 1958: 9-39).
The colonizer's model of the world; Geographical diffusionism and eurocentric history.
Qualitative research methodologies are usually applied within a domestication approach, while other approaches such as diffusionism tend to prefer quantitative methods (e.
Blaut, The Colonizer's Model of the World: Geographical Diffusionism and and Eurocentric History (New York 1993); Andre Gunter Frank, Re-Orient: Global Economy in the Asian Age (Berkeley, 1998) for spirited attacks on Eurocentric perspectives.
Rome, which benefited from Greek cultural diffusionism, was hardly representative of Europe at that time.