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The essays that follow deal with diverse topics that address the fate of the antiquities collected by the French expedition, the role of the lesser-acknowledged personality Sir William Gell as an intermediary in the dissemination of progress in the decipherment of the ancient Egyptian language, examination of the antiquarian effects of the 1882 war, Egyptological interests in Spain, parallels of the exploration of Egypt and Mesoamerica, the rise of diffusionism as a popular theory, the changing scholarly interpretation of the position of the Greco-Roman peasantry, the British and the Copts, the development of Afrocentric views, and "republican values" as an influence on the study of ancient Egypt.
The author links three generations of anthropologists with three successive cultural theories: evolutionism in the late Victorian period; diffusionism prior to and during World War I; and functionalism in the 1920s and 1930s.
Our conceptual frameworks are 'social evolutionism, diffusionism, and migrationism--produc[ing] archaeologies that represent Indigenous peoples and their pasts in an inferior light' (p.
To avoid falling onto the old traps of environmental determinism and cultural diffusionism, we must also consider human adaptative strategies and their capacity to cope with change.
McNiven, IJ & Russell, L 1997, '"Strange paintings" and "mystery races": Kimberley rock-art, diffusionism and colonialist constructions of Australia's Aboriginal past', Antiquity 71:801-9.
Elkin himself was eclectic in theoretical orientation; Wise (1985:224) aptly characterises his theoretical stance as a combination of functionalism, diffusionism and Darwinism.
In some ways, diffusionism also helps explain Haddon's views on Papua as the main gabagaba source for he certainly assumed that the 'cult' of ritual stones diffused from Papua, through Torres Strait and into Australia (Haddon 1935:368).