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Equation (2) shows that keeping the diffusivity fixed in a world with changing stratification implies changes in energy dissipation in ways that are not always consistent with the physical processes supplying energy for dissipation.
For a single oil shale particle the developed 3-D model is considered as an anisotropic medium whose effective diffusivity in different directions is different.
By substituting D(h) = k(h)/C(h) into Eqn 7, the differential water capacity effectively disappears from Eqn 7, except for its use in calculating the point-value of the diffusivity at the inflection point, [D.
The following model was used to calculate the diffusivity [5]:
Effective moisture diffusivity is a term used to describe the migration or diffusion of moisture in agricultural products during drying operation and it is said to be a function of material moisture content and temperature, as well as of the material structure (Abano and Sam-Amoah, 2011).
Data for the sorption of water and the effect of water on the solubility and diffusivity of solvents into polyethylene were measured by three different methods: pressure decay, finite inverse gas chromatography (IGC), and the static sorption method.
It can generally be said that the welding speed possible with a successively pulsed laser is dependent upon the thickness and thermal diffusivity of the metal welded and the average power of the laser beam.
The effective diffusivity values were evaluated by fitting experimental absorption data to Fick's second law of diffusion.
Physical and chemical structure of a membrane determines its important characteristics, including diffusivity, selectivity or sedimentation.